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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education

Get Ready for Secondary School




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​​Get Ready! For Secondary School – Summer Transition Program

Get Ready! for Secondary School is a summer program designed to welcome our incoming students, and support them as they transition from Grade 8 to 9. This 20-25 hour program blends literacy and numeracy focused instruction with secondary school readiness activities that help to welcome and prepare students for their secondary school experience.  A joint project between the Program Department and Continuing Education, Get Ready! allows students entering Grade 9 to get to know their secondary school, in particular their teachers (i.e. caring adult) and peers, before attending classes in September.


  • Direct support for secondary level literacy, numeracy and learning strategies. 
  • Students get a head start on their secondary school experience, pathway planning, and make a connection to at-least one caring adult in their new school. 
  • Student participants report feeling more comfortable and more confident about beginning secondary school, and achieve a higher credit accumulate rate in Grade 9 

2017 Start Dates:

​August 21, 2017

  • Cardinal Leger S.S.
  • Holy Name of Mary C.S.S.
  • St. Aloysious Gonzaga S.S. (Math Camp)
  • St. Joan of Arc S.S.
  • Philip Pocock S.S.
  • Iona C.S.S.


August 22, 2017

  • St. Marguerite d'Youville S.S.


August 23, 2017

  • Father Michael Goetz S.S.


August 24, 2017

  • Ascension of Our Lord S.S.
  • Cardinal Ambrozic C.S.S.
  • Loyola C.S.S.
  • Notre Dame C.S.S.
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel S.S. (Get Ready & Math Camp)
  • St. Paul S.S.
  • St. Roch C.S.S.
  • St. Thomas Aquinas S.S.
  • St. Edmund Campion S.S.


August 28, 2017

  • John Cabot C.S.S.
  • R.F. Hall C.S.S.
  • St. Augustine S.S.
  • St. Joseph S.S.
  • St. Marcellinus S.S.
  • St. Martin S.S.
  • St. Michael C.S.S.

For more information, contact your school office or the Continuing Education Department at 905-891-9263 ext. 37956.

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