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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education

Central Committee for Catholic School Councils




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​Volunteer of the Year Award 2016-2017


On June 8 we celebrated 11 outstanding nominees for the CCCSC Volunteer of the Year Award.  This year’s co-recipients are: Alex Vigar, Holy Cross Elementary (bottom 3rd right) and Franca Dodgson, St. Valentine Elementary School (bottom 4th right).  We are blessed to have such dedicated and generous volunteers in Dufferin-Peel schools.
"there is no insignificant work that is done among us." St. Paul

To learn more about CCCSC - Central Committee for Catholic Schools, who we are, our mandate and goals, click on the links below.


2016 2017 Central CCCSC Committee Members


Representative ​Name ​School/Location
​Chair​Genevieve Rodney​St. Ursula
​Vice Chair​Bobbi Wilson​St. Elizabeth Seton
​Trustee​Shawn Xaviour​CEC
​Trustee - Alternate​Thomas Thomas​CEC
​Superintendent​Sue Steer​CEC
​Diocesan Rep.​Gabriel Ogundele​St. Francis Xavier Parish
​OECTA Elementary Rep.​Carlo DiCarlo/Michael Schaus​OECTA - Elementary Unit
​DPSU OECTA Secondary Rep.​Peter MacDonald​OECTA - Secondary Unit
​Principal / VP Elementary Association​Cassandra Jack​St. Terese of the Child Jesus
​Principal /VP Secondary Association​Silvana Gos​St. Marguerite d'Youville SS
​Board Representative​Max Vecchiarino              ​CEC
​School Year Calendar (Elementary) Rep.​Bobbi Wilson​St. Elizabeth Seton
​School Year Calendar (Secondary) Rep.​Kathryn Cesprite​St. Marguerite d'Youville SS
​SEAC /CCCSC Liaison​Pam Olivieri​Our Lady of Mount Carmel SS
​ACCESS DP Representative​Bobbi Wilson​St. Elizabeth Seton
​OAPCE Rep.​Mariana Kutin Morais
​Brampton East Caledon Dufferin Malton - Elem.​Steven Choon​Good Shepherd
​Brampton East Caledon Dufferin Malton - Sec.​Kathryn Cesprite​St. Marguerite d'Youville SS
​Brampton North-East - Elem.​Karen Dancy​Holy Spirit Catholic
​Brampton North-East - Sec.​Mona Rodrigues​Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic SS
​Brampton West - Elem​Genevieve Rodney​St. Ursula
​Brampton West - Sec.​JoJo Timbol​St. Roch
​Mississauga Brampton Central - Elem​Anabel Villers​St. Veronica
​Mississauga Brampton Central - Sec.​Mary Lavanya Perez​St. Francis Xavier                
​Mississauga East - Elem.​Ana Freitas​St. Pio of Pietrelcina
​Mississauga East - Sec.​Sonia Olmedo​Philip Pocock
​Mississauga North - Elem.​Louie Davoli​St. Sebastian Catholic
​Mississauga North - Sec.​Pam Olivieri​Our Lady of Mount Carmel SS
​Mississauga South - Elem.​Fola Fadero​St. Mark                
​Mississauga South - Sec.​Rita Reid​Loyola Secondary
​Recording Secretary​Cindy Child​CEC


Message from the Chair of the Central Committee for Catholic School Councils:

Welcome back to another school year.  My name is Genevieve Rodney and it is my pleasure to be the Chair of the Central Committee for Catholic School Councils.  I sincerely hope that this year will enable each school council to become actively involved in the life of their school communities.  I would encourage every parent to become involved in the various opportunities that each of our Catholic schools and Catholic school councils present. 

I am a strong believer in parent involvement and social responsibility.  I am an advocate for student achievement and actively promote literacy and numeracy within our Catholic school system. 

As we work together to better understand and promote student achievement, we enrich and support our school communities.

As our students move through our Catholic system they are guided to meet the Catholic graduate expectations.  Our system has a strong faith history which incorporates the traditions of the Catholic Church and the gospel values.  Though our students live in an ever-changing world of media and technology, it is our faith and human connections that bind us together.  The need for a partnership between the home, school and parish has never been more important.

CCCSC was established in September, 1997.  Our goal has been and continues to be to encourage and promote parent involvement within our Catholic schools.  We facilitate the dissemination of information and promote communication among our Catholic school councils, schools, the Board and parishes.

Throughout the past 14 years, CCCSC has provided support to school councils in order to create, organize and maintain effective and successful Catholic School Councils at each school.  We are extremely proud of the Catholic School Council Resource Handbook and CD which can be found at each of our schools.  We would refer Catholic School Council members to consult this document in order to understand the workings of your Council.

I am proud of the work and efforts of our CCCSC committee members, but am even more proud of the work that you do as volunteers and Catholic School Council members within our elementary and secondary schools in Dufferin-Peel.

Thank you for the ongoing gift of your time, talents and contributions.

Most sincerely,
Genevieve Rodney,Chair, CCCSC

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