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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education

In Our Thoughts and Prayers




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​Today, our Dufferin-Peel Catholic Schools and board facilities fly their flags at half-staff in memory of the victims of the shootings at the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec in Ste. Foy, Quebec.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Muslim community both in Quebec, and across the world. As we share our prayers, we must also remember to stand, in solidarity, with our Muslim brothers and sisters. Every member of our community is entitled to feel safe, accepted and included. Acts of violence, such as this shooting in a place of worship, undermine the human dignity of the person and upon which the very fabric that our Canadian society has been built. We will continue as a caring Catholic community to minister to all our members and share the call to unity;

"There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus." - Galatians 2:28

We ask you to remember in your prayers, any of our brothers and sisters who are persecuted because of their faith, but most especially, the victims and their families, and all members of the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec. 

Marianne Mazzorato                      Mario Pascucci
Director of Education                     Chair of the Board of Trustees


Prince of Peace, today we pray for peace in our hearts, in our minds and in our actions.  In a world struggling to find meaning and often finds itself witnessing deliberate acts of violence, help us be peacemakers.  Grant us the wisdom, insight and prudence to resolve issues and conflicts without violence.  Grant us the vision to recognize that we are all unique and different.  Help us to see the commonality rooted in our humanity, dignity and worth.  Help us to embrace the model that you lived and to love one another as you continue to love us.


​(based on a prayer from 365 prayers for Catholic schools and parish youth groups, Novalis, 2016)​

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