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Extraordinary Lives Start With a Great Catholic Education

Planning & Operations




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​​​​The Planning Department is responsible for the acquisition and justification of new pupil places (schools, additions, portables, school sites), planning alternate accommodations (ie: host/holding schools) for students who are moving into areas where no permanent facilities are available, designing the boundaries of school catchment areas and forecasting student population.

Reports & Information:

Boundary Maps: Mayfield West #1 & Credit Valley #5

Safe Drinking Water Report:

East Credit Transition Planning Committees​

2017-18 School Accommodation 

School Boundary Maps

2013 Long Term Accommodation Plan  

Capital Priorities and School Consolidation Capital

Community Partnerships

For Builders: DPCDSB Sign Specifications

​Education Development Charges (EDC)​

Enrolment Reports:​

October 31, 2017   
​​March 31, 2017

Green Energy Act:

Under the Ministry of Energy’s Green Energy Act (GEA), Ontario Regulation 397-11, broader public sector organizations such as school boards, are required to report annually on the energy consumption of their sites and prepare an Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan. The use of electricity and natural gas for each building and the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan can be found in the following documents:

2014-2015 Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Destinations Directory:
2017-18 School Directory
2017-18 Destinations Directory




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