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St. Marcellinus Secondary School
"Let Every Spirit Soar"
  • St. Marcellinus Secondary School
  • 730 Courtneypark Drive West
  • Mississauga ON , L5W 1L9
  • Principal: Frank Furgiuele
  • Vice Principal(s): Daniella Gizzi
    Olivera Glasford
    Jason Pratt
  • Superintendents: Wayne Brunton
  • Trustee: Thomas Thomas (Ward 5)
    Luz del Rosario (Ward 11)
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The study of languages will prepare students to perform effectively in a challenging world and give them both an advantage in a number of careers, both in Canada and internationally.   Languages are widely recognized as a way of fostering a greater understanding of many other cultures and ways of living.  This is a concept that is reflected in our catholicity.

Courses in Modern Languages will:

Involve students in research, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making.

Help students develop strong communication, reading, and writing skills in another language

Give students the opportunity to us information technology to collect, organize, interpret, and present information.

Give students a greater appreciation of the diversity of cultures in the world.

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Courses offered:

  • Core French, Grade 9, Academic (FSF1D) 
  • Core French, Grade 9, Applied (FSF1P)
  • Core French, Grade 10, Academic (FSF2D)
  • Core French, Grade 11, University Preparation (FSF3U)
  • Core French, Grade 12, University Preparation (FSF4U)
  • Extra-help is provided upon request.


Prayers in French

Les Prières 


The following websites will assist parents who have children enrolled in French courses. 

Click on the link that reads ,"La boite a outils."


The fun continuues; other helpful websites:


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