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Loyola Catholic Secondary School
"Gloria Dei Vita Plena"
  • Loyola Catholic Secondary School
  • 4010 Sladeview Cres.
  • Mississauga ON , L5L6B1
  • Principal: Marija Burazin
  • Vice Principal(s): Vincenzo Angaran
    Diane Potoczny
  • Superintendents: Deborah Finegan-Downey
  • Trustee: Sharon Hobin (Ward 8)
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​Grade 8 Open House

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Take Our Kids to Work Day

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, our Grade 9 students are invited to participate in Take Our Kids to Work Day.  On this day, Grade 9 students across Canada will go to work with a parent, relative, or an adult friend.

​Take Our Kids to Work will provide opportunities for students to:

Take Our Kids to Work.jpg

• Develop an appreciation for the importance of staying in school and getting a high school diploma and pursuing post-secondary studies.
• Gain exposure to the skills required in today’s workplaces. 
• Develop an appreciation for their parents’ roles in making a living and supporting their   families. 
• Begin career discussions with adults about the work they do. 
• Gain a better understanding of the complexity of career choices and the benefits of early exploration.  
• Explore career options in practical ways. 

Students will be bringing home a letter and parent guide.  Please read it carefully and complete the necessary permission form.  Students are to return the permission form to their homeroom teacher no later than Monday October 23rd.  

For more information please visit 

Have you misplaced the letter and/or permission form?

To download the letter and permission form click below.

Parent guide_Take Our Kids to Work.pdf

Parent Letter_Take Our Kids to Work.pdf


Message from Your Catholic School Trustee September 2017

Message from Your Catholic School Trustee September 2017.pdf



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School Newsletters

School Newsletters are published four times per year.

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NEW! In order to receive the Newsletter electronically please complete and sign the Canada Anti-Spam Legislation consent form that was sent home in September with all students or download it here and return it to the office.


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