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Loyola Catholic Secondary School
"Gloria Dei Vita Plena"
  • Loyola Catholic Secondary School
  • 4010 Sladeview Cres.
  • Mississauga ON , L5L6B1
  • Principal: Marija Burazin
  • Vice Principal(s): Vincenzo Angaran
    Diane Potoczny
  • Superintendents: Deborah Finegan-Downey
  • Trustee: Sharon Hobin (Ward 8)
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To order a transcript, print and complete a copy of the Transcript Request Form

Return this form with the appropriate payment to the guidance office during the school year. 

To obtain a transcript during the summer, contact the board office for more information.

Please note that transcripts will only be kept on hold up to a week after ordering them. They will be ready for pick up after 2 business days.

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