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St. Joseph Secondary School
"Serving in the Love of Christ!"
  • St. Joseph Secondary School
  • 5555 Creditview Road
  • Mississauga ON , L5V 2B9
  • Principal: Adriano Bomben
  • Vice Principal(s): Sharon Bolger
    Jennifer Meier-Kingshott
  • Superintendents: Deborah Finegan-Downey
  • Trustee: Luz del Rosario (Ward 6)
    Luz del Rosario (Ward 11)
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Guidance / Courses

Welcome to the Guidance and Career Education Department 

The Guidance and Career Education department at St.Joseph Secondary School is available to assist students and parents in our community with academic, personal and career planning. Our site provides information and links that are designed to assist you in these three areas. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our department at 905-812-1376, ext. 74181.


 In order to graduate, you must perform 40 hours of community service. If you are unsure of what would qualify, see your guidance counsellor PRIOR to your volunteer experience. All hours must be dicumented and signed off on by the recieving organization. See below to access the link to download your student passport.



For further information on our department, click on our brochure:

Guidance and Career Education Brochure

Guidance Counsellors

​Mr. P. Vasile    
Mrs. L. Cunningham, SHSM Coordinator
Mrs. Ledbrook
Mr. G Robitaille  
Ms. W. Bindoo     
M. Ventura, Guidance Secretary



Support Staff


Maribel Bozolasco

Hamid Jivraj 

Sara Loureiro

Grace Hoffmann

Child and Youth Worker

Social Worker

Settlement Worker

Student Success Teacher





New To the Country?

Visit the site to view a document that helps you understand the high school system. 

Registration Process for 2017-2018 for Current St. Joseph S.S.  Students

Current Students of St. Joseph Secondary School will be given their course selection information and package by guidance counselllors in their period one class  in December, 2017.  Students wishing to return to St. Joseph Secondary School this upcoming year must return their  completed online  Student Course  Request Verification Report (with parent signature)  and the $65 activity fee ( cash/ debit or charge)  in February for the best opportunity to get the courses that they wish to take.  

There will be two more opportunities for students to make changes to their course selections; once in early March after the Semester One final report cards have been distributed and the students have had a brief opportunity to try out their Semester Two courses and another opportunity in late April after the Second Semester Midterm Report Cards have been distributed and the 2018 Summer School course offerings are available.  

Students should research their post-secondary options as well as speak to their parents/guardians, teachers and guidance counsellor about their course selection in order to make the most appropriate course choices.  Please note that students in grade nine (9) or ten (10) will not be eligible to make course changes, only level changes, after the April 2018 course change period.

Detailed course selection instructions by Grade can be found under the Course Calendar section on this site.

Interested in Registering for Grade Nine at St. Joseph Secondary School?

Grade 8 AP Information Night

Thursday, October 19, 2017.
6-8 PM
St. Joseph S.S. 

For students attending one of our six (6) feeder schools, a guidance counsellor will be visiting your school in November to deliver the course calendars and registration packages. 

  • Our Lady of Good Voyage 
  • St. Bernadette 
  • St. Valentine 
  • St. Herbert 
  • St. David of Wales 
  • St. Raymond 


Completed registration packages and the $65 activity fee must be returned to the elementary school by January 2018.

Important Notice

The registration process for new applicants attending schools other than our six (6) feeder schools will not be complete until it is verified that all of the required information is provided and there has been a meeting with the St. Joseph Secondary School administration. The $65 activity fee will be collected at that time.

For students living within our boundaries but attending a school other than the ones listed above

  • Parents can pick up a registration package in the Guidance and Career Office.
  • Completed registration packages with the $65 activity fee should be returned to St. Joseph Secondary School before the end of February, 2018.


Students who live outside of the St. Joseph Secondary School boundaries (including those attending schools listed above):

  • Parents must apply for Flexible Boundary permission by sending a letter to Mr. Bomben, the principal of St. Joseph Secondary School, and the principal of their designated secondary school requesting an exemption to school boundaries, in order for the student to register at this school. We advise that the student still registers at his/her designate school just in case a flex letter is not granted. 
  • Requests for Flexible Boundary should be submitted as soon as possible but a reply may not be provided until later in the spring. 
  • The boundaries for St. Joseph Secondary School are Burnamthorpe Road to the south, Mavis Road to the east, Brittania Road to the north and the Credit River to the west.


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