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Iona Catholic Secondary School
"Life is a Gift, Faith is a Journey, Learning is our Challenge"
  • Iona Catholic Secondary School
  • 2170 South Sheridan Way
  • Mississauga ON , L5J 2M4
  • Principal: Olivia Faraone
  • Vice Principal(s): Caroline Mallozzi
  • Superintendents: Deborah Finegan-Downey
  • Trustee: Mario Pascucci (Ward 1)
    Sharon Hobin (Ward 2)
    Sharon Hobin (Ward 8)
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Post-Secondary Info

Postsecondary Application Process Information

General Info

*information for the current year is on the Guidance main page

September to December:

  • Review Credit Counselling Summary to ensure graduation prerequisites completed by June 
  • Check university/college guides for program’s unique prerequisites.  Check course selection to verify you are enrolled in these courses. ( or
  • Research/complete interest surveys (
  • Sign up/attend Postsecondary Liaison visits to Iona arranged by Guidance. 
  • Register with for award/scholarship information 
  • Gather information (extracurricular, awards, references) to use for supplemental application requirements and scholarships/awards as required 
  • Check Scholarship binder in Guidance weekly for new information and deadlines 
  • Organize/gather prerequisite requirements for postsecondary choices (Binder, etc.) 
  • Post calendar of deadlines and events for postsecondary programs 
  • Attend Postsecondary Open Houses with parents when possible 
  • Create a postsecondary potential list and continue research 
  • Gather portfolio pieces, audition monologues, etc. if required for application 
  • Research SAT information (U.S. entrance requirement) 
  • If in Canada less than 5 years, schedule English fluency test if required (
  • Create a list of questions and schedule appointment with guidance 
  • Apply to postsecondary (University: OUAC and College: OCAS) Iona deadline December prior to Christmas holidays
    (Equal consideration deadlines: University – early January College- February 1)
    College applications available in October, University Applications, November once PINs arrive
  • Save money- Application fees: University $150 for 3 choices and $50 for each additional choice, no maximum. College $95 for maximum 5 choices, limit 3 from one college 
  • Study to excel academically, make every task and assignment count. 
  • READ all communication from postsecondary institutions so as not to miss important deadlines or requirements. 


January to April:

  •  Ensure all 40 Community Service Hours have been handed in by April 1 
  • Continue to do well in course work as offers of admission may be rescinded if final marks fall below an agreed upon average
  • Schedule and attend additional requirements:  audition, interview, orientation sessions, tests, etc. 
  • Review pros and cons of postsecondary offers as they arrive


May to June:  

  • May 1 usual deadline to confirm acceptance of college offers 
  • June 1 usual deadline to confirm acceptance of university offers and apply to OSAP to receive funds by end of summer 
  • June 1 usual deadline to pay deposit for residence 
  • June 15 earliest date college may require a deposit for tuition fees


How much will it cost?

Each college and university provides information on budgeting costs for their school

  • College is approximately $12,000  / year minimum - if not living at home
  • University is approximately $20,000 to 24,000 / year minimum - if not living at home


University or College
"degree" Prerequisites

College Program
Prerequisites for prerequisite info for prerequisite info

​6 courses at 4U or 4M level minimum
including ENG4U1

​Diploma, plus ENG4C1 or ENG4U1,
plus grade 11/12 prerequisites

​Plus program specific requirements-if
required (Supplemental application,
Auditions, Portfolio, Interview, etc.)

​Plus program specific requirements-if
required (Supplemental application,
Auditions, Portfolio, Interview, etc.)

 Where to Start

​Login: ionacss & individual ID 
Critical Individual Pathways Planning tool from Grade 7-12 as mandated by the Ministry. Check progress towards highschool diploma, assess self interests, investigate future careers, research programs across Canada all in 1 convenient portfolio.

​Ontario university programs prerequisites/mark ranges

​Ontario University online application site 

​Ontario College online site for both program information (links to colleges) and application process 

​Ontario Student Assistance Program (Loans/Grants/tuition reduction)

​Login: Iona   Password: Dolphins

​Program exploration

​Postsecondary exploration

​Postsecondary exploration

​Scholarship/Awards information

​Canadian University Program information site


Characteristics of Successful Postsecondary Students

Independent     Self-aware      Socially Responsible
Able to manage stress     Flexible     Problem Solvers     Optimistic


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