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St. Charles Garnier
"A Golden Eagle has a Golden Heart."
  • St. Charles Garnier
  • 4233 Central Parkway East
  • Mississauga ON , L4Z 1M7
  • Principal: MaryJane Vowles
  • Vice Principal(s):
  • Superintendents: Martine Lewis
  • Trustee: Anna Maria Abbruscato (Ward 4)
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Our Faith

Pastoral Plan​


Below is a link to access St. Charles Garnier and Sts. Peter and Paul Parish's important dates/information, including Sacraments and faith plan for the year:




The Circles of Rosary


The Circles of Rosary Welcomes and Invites Families to pray together - The students are taught to pray the rosary at the School Circle of Rosary  with their classmates and teachers once a month.  We encourage students to be leaders at home in praying the rosary.  The Family Circles of Rosary Powerpoint Presentation will guide the students in leading the rosary the same way they are taught in the School Circles of Rosary.  Simply click the mystery for the day you are praying together.  Thank you for carrying and joining our mission to teach our faith and to instill peaceful hearts, minds and spirits and to connect schools to families to our church/communities to each other to form One God Circle of Love, Peace, Truth and Joy.


Sets of Mysteries of Rosary (click one)

Luminous -Family Circles of Rosary- Thursdays

2018 Luminous School Circles of Rosary.pptx

Glorious-Family Circles of Rosary - Wednesday and Sundays

2018 Glorious School circles of rosary.pptx

Sorrowful-Family Circles of Rosary - Tuesdays and Fridays

2018 Sorrowful School Circles of Rosary.pptx

Joyful-Family Circles of Rosary - Mondays and Saturdays

2018 Joyful School Circles of Rosary.pptx


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