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St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School
"Living Our Vision Every Day"
  • St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School
  • 2480 Thornlodge Drive
  • Mississauga ON , L5K 1K5
  • Principal: Sandra Donaghue
  • Vice Principal(s): Mark Falcioni
  • Superintendents: Deborah Finegan-Downey
  • Trustee: Sharon Hobin (Ward 2)
    Sharon Hobin (Ward 8)
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Athletics - 2016/2017

​Cross Country

​Grade 6 Boys - Silver
Grade 7 Boys - Gold
Grade 8 Boys - Gold

​Ms. Amoroso/Mrs. Ferens/Mrs. McQueen
​Volleyball - Jr. Boys

​Family - Gold
Boards - Gold

​Mr. Da Silva/Ms. Jaseliunas
​Volleyball - Jr. Girls

​Family - Gold
Boards - Gold
St. James Invitational - Gold

​Mr. Nasato/Mrs. Wittemund
​Volleyball - Int. Boys

​Family - Gold
Boards - Gold
St. James Invitational - Gold

​Ms. Ohinski/Mr. Naughton
​Volleyball - Int. Girls

​Family - Gold
Boards - Gold

​Mr. Da Silva/Ms. Jaseliunas
​Basketball - Jr. Boys​Ms. Azucena/Mr. Da Silva
​Basketball - Jr. Girls​Family - Gold​Mrs. Belmonte/Mr. Simunec
​Basketball - Int. Boys​Mrs. Belmonte/Mr. Simunec
​Basketball - Int. Girls​Mr. Da Silva/Mme. Philip
​D.P. Basketball K of C Free-throw CompetitionGr. 4 Boys - Gold
Gr. 5 Girls - Gold
Gr. 7 Girls - Gold​
​Mr. Simunec
​Hockey - Jr.​All Saints Tournament Tier 1 - Bronze​Mr. Mullen/Mr. Naughton
​Hockey - Int.​St. Timothy Tournament Tier 1 - Gold
All Saints Tournament Tier 1 - Gold
Beacon Cup Tournament Tier 1 - Gold
​Mr. Mullen/Mr. Naughton
​Track & Field​Ms. Ohinski
​Softball - Int. BoysFamily - Silver​Mrs. Belmonte/Mr. Simunec
​Softball - Int. Girls​Family - Silver​Mr. Condotta/Mr. Mullen
​Soccer - Jr. Co-ed​Mr. Da Silva/Ms. Jaseliunas


Clubs/Academics - 2016/2017

​All-Star Reading​Ms. Policelli
​Bus Patrollers
​ChessMs. Amoroso/​Mme. Bradford
​ChoirPrimary - Mrs. Agathos/Mrs. Savoia/Mrs. Siemons
Liturgical - Miss Fitzgerald/Mrs. Koma/Mr. Condotta
​Coding Club​Mrs. Belmonte
​Drawing Club​Mrs. Agathos/Mrs. Siemons

​We are a certified eco school with GOLD status.

Lights-Out Lunches
Water Bottle Wednesdays

​Mme. Bradford/Mme. Philip
​Huddle-Up Committee​Mrs. Donaher
​Lego Club​Mr. Maguire
Musical - Shrek Jr. ​Performance dates - May 2nd, 3rd, & 4th​Miss Fitzgerald/Mrs. Harty/Mrs. Koma/Mrs. Policelli
​Public Speaking​Junior
Denzel - Gold
Deanna - Silver
Franchi - Bronze

Christian - Gold
Joseph - Silver
Callum - Bronze
​Mrs. Ferens
Forest of Trees Reading Club​Blue Spruce/Silver Birch/Red Maple​Miss Fitzgerald
​Youth Faith Ambassadors​Mrs. Hyland


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